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About Us

a man with a segway in nature overlooking the moutnains

The Inspiration

In May, 2002 we were watching a television episode starring Richard Dryfuss and Peter O’Toole (The Education of Max Bickford, ep. 21) wherein they casually rode Segway Human Transporters (HTs) around the Chadwick University campus. It caught our attention, but having never seen or heard of such a device we just dismissed it as TV fantasy. However, in 2003 we read that the USPS really began field testing “Segway HTs” and a limited number of them were even sold to the public thru

Then, the following Spring (2004) I was sitting in a cafè and saw one zip by. Whoa! I abandoned my java and ran shouting after the fellow who stopped to talk with me. As it were, Mr. Dan Sturges was a local consultant to Segway corporate testing a prototype, and he kindly gave me a brief lesson.

I cautiously stepped up, stood perfectly still and Dan said: “just think (the word) forward“. Well okay; so I silently chanted ‘four-word‘ and awaiting his next instruction the thing started rolling ahead so I figured he must have some sort of remote control. What next (?) I anxiously asked, and Dan responded: “now think backward” …then hmmm (!), I began moving backward. And so it went, with Dan leaving me his business card and confounding whether the thing had really read my mind. Needless to say, I was impressed and intent to know more.


Experiences bring greater happiness than owning any things.

The Drive

At that time we owned a luxury car dealership and were drawn to transportation alternatives for reducing our carbon footprint. After assisting NHTSA, ICE and Homeland Security to regulate importing the very first European Smart Cars for USA roads in 2003, we were also appointed to several government transportation committees. Combine all these passions with our love of Colorado and voilà – by Fall we began our Segway ‘career’ as the manufacturer’s Authorized Dealer for the Rocky Mountain region plus co-hosted a local conference featuring many urban planning, automotive and transportation luminaries, including Dean Kamen (the Segway HT inventor).

We’ve been promoting, selling and servicing Segways ever since, with the added satisfaction of working with Craig Hospital for spinal cord and brain injured patients, the Veterans Administration (VA) and Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center. Too, we have had the great fortune and honor to help celebrated War Veterans and meet some of the bravest people and finest athletes in our nation. As our ‘passion’ became our ‘vocation’ we also helped draft State House Bill 09-1026, which former Governor Ritter signed into law making Colorado the 45th Segway friendly state.


It is our fervent mission to help instill your memory of Colorado as an unforgettable, irreplaceable, unique-in-the-USA experience”

Colorado Proud

Having helped setup and support successful Segway tours all around Colorado – including Glenwood Springs, Colorado Springs, Denver, Cheyenne Cañon, Aspen and Vail – it’s been our desire for years to also participate in showing off our fair cities from the ground up. Not strangers to Segway tours (we even helped pull off the biggest one in USA history which landed us on CBS 4 News), in early 2012 we gratefully helped the wonderful founders of Colorado Adventure Segway Tours retire and took over the operation — effectively reinventing ourselves (yet again).

The rest, as they say, is history. Having continued the same first class techniques, customer service and integrity that propelled this BBB ‘A’ rated business thru its successful journey since 2006, we’ve had a remarkable season. We profoundly thank our guests, tour guides, cities of Denver & Boulder and remain heartfully indebted to Larry and Linda Reynolds for their support, tutelage and friendship in this endeavor.

In closing, it’s pleasing to note a 2010 Cornell University study has also ‘officially’ concluded that experiences bring greater happiness than owning any things (i.e., satisfaction with material procurements decreases over time while the appreciation of experiential purchases increase and become more precious than any physical item). All said, it is our fervent mission to help instill your memory of Colorado as an unforgettable, irreplaceable, unique-in-the-USA experience, so please come on along with us and Ride the Experience.

Sandy & Diana Greenberg

A special thanks to all the following people for their unique contributions:

  • Jerry Abboud
  • Mayor Lyle Achziger
  • Monique Apter
  • Jason Aragon
  • Roxana Astemborski
  • Leon & Belle Atkind
  • Michelle Baldwin
  • Amos Boyd
  • Bob Brown
  • Steve Brown
  • Nick Brownson
  • Orlando Castillo
  • Ron Crocco
  • Matt Dailida
  • Denver Aquarium
  • Nathan Done
  • Reina Ellis
  • Danielle Erickson
  • John Erwin
  • Kristen & Chelsea Famularo
  • Corin Ferris
  • Doug Field
  • LCDR David Fisher
  • Eric Fleming
  • David Floyd
  • Andrew Fuller
  • Sue Greeley
  • Eli Gustilo
  • Jaime Hart
  • Jack Hershey
  • Anders Hester
  • Cristine Hill
  • Graham Hill
  • Tom Jardee
  • Chad Jelinski
  • Deborah Jordan
  • Dean Kamen
  • Joel Karr
  • David Kilroy
  • Keith Kindt
  • Klee Kleber
  • Paul Komor
  • Steven Labonte
  • Joe Leary
  • Rep. Don Marostica
  • Mark Martinez
  • Dadre McCreary
  • Chip McDonald
  • Shane McDonald
  • Gerri Moriarty
  • Desiree Myhre
  • Jim Norad
  • Gene Northam
  • Alice Osner
  • Diane Parsons
  • Jery Payne
  • Lyn Perdue
  • Fabian Ptok
  • Jake Reidy
  • Mark Render
  • Alex Reshetniak
  • Larry & Linda Reynolds
  • Ofc. Joseph Richardson
  • Governor Bill Ritter
  • Dawn Rivard
  • Wendy Robinson
  • Leah Roehl
  • Sharon Ruback
  • Lisa Saunders
  • Mary Savage
  • Kate Schell
  • Chris Schoening
  • Sgt. Robert Schumaker
  • Senator Gail Schwartz
  • David Sinclair
  • Rod Spencer
  • Cole Stange
  • Mayor Edward Starck
  • Dan Sturges
  • Adam Turner
  • Rick Tyson
  • Marnie Ward
  • Donna Wesemann
  • Gerry White
  • Ofc. Anthony Wilkerson
  • Matt Williams
  • Jim Wolcott